The Process

Here's how I'll be working together with you,
to create the picture you want.

1. You'll tell me what kind of ideas you have in mind. You'll tell me what text should go on the picture. If you have any specific ideas for the background image, let me know. If you want your photo (or any other photo) on it, send it to me.

2. If we feel we can reach an agreement, I'll start working on the project ASAP.

3. I will create three different options for you to choose from. NOTE: the options will have an obscurement mark on them (similar to a watermark or embossing); you won't receive the unobscured picture until the transaction is completed. This is to keep people from using the picture without paying first. (I know YOU would never do that, but some other people might.).

4. You'll choose the option you like best. If you want me to make some changes to it, let me know and I will try my very best to please you. For example, you can request a different font, different coloring, different lighting, etc. I'm pretty easygoing with reasonable requests. Don't be afraid to ask.

5. Once I've created something you're happy with, you'll send payment, and after I've received it, I'll e-mail you the complete unobscured version of the picture you've chosen.


These will probably end up being somewhere around 200 x 600 pixels, but I can be flexible. For example, the banner I have at the top of this page right now is 239 x 587 pixels. We can work with whatever fits your page best.

Here are some examples of banners I've done.
Click on each to see it full size.

Price for this service: $30.00

Large Signs

These are 330 x 400 pixels.
Here are some examples:
Price for this service: $25.00

Medium Signs

These are 220 x 300 pixels.


Price for this service: $15.00

How To Reach Me

Here's my e-mail address:
If for whatever reason you can't reach me at that address (for example, if my ISP is having trouble and the message bounces back), here is my G-Mail address:


Feel free to contact me
if you'd like to discuss a project.
I'm sure we can come up with something interesting!


Size: 115 x 140 pixels
These work well for the sidebar, or other places where you have limited space.
Here are some examples:
Price for this service: $9.00

Avatar Enhancement

Not happy with your current avatar?
Send it to me. I'll give it a new look for you.

Here are some examples.
Let's say this is the picture you want to use:
The shot is ok, but it's too dark. Hard to see.
Here are some different ways to change that:
The picture will end up the size you see in the examples above. (115 x 140 pixels). If you send me something larger than this, I'll re-size it and crop it for you. It can be horizontal or vertical, depending on what you'd like.

Cost for this service: $5.00