My cyber-resume

Let's start with my cyber-resume.
I've done a lot of computer graphics for myself and others.
Here are a few links, to give you some ideas of what I can do.

1. Banners/buttons done for It's a Blog Eat Blog World:

2. Banners done for the "Bestest Blog" carnivals:

3. My perverse photoshopping skills, as it pertains to sticking person A's head on person B's body:

Examples HERE include turning my dear friend Morgen into Barbra Streisand, Homer Simpson, The Grinch, a teletubbie, Glinda (the "good witch" from Wizard of Oz"), Wonder Woman, Pee-Wee Herman, and one of "The Village People", plus many more.

Examples HERE include turning Mr. Fabulous from Pointless Drivel and Pointless Directives into a French maid, a few scantily-dressed cowboys, a vampire, an alien, a respectable citizen wearing a tuxedo, and SO much more.

4. Example of a blog banner I've done for somone else:

Here's one example, from Get Your Blog On.

5. On my own blog:

I create all my own banners. My current one over at the Jannaverse is THIS.